Our Commitment to Safety

Why Do We Value Safety?

People are our most important resource, and their health and safety is one of Mosites Construction Company's principal responsibilities and primary concerns.  

Our commitment to the safety and health of our employees, subcontractors, customers and community is a value that guides the way we do business.  It is reinforced continually through the development of innovative ideas to eliminate hazards and defeat complacency.  

The concept begins with top management’s relentless commitment  to engage in and support our corporate philosophy; emphasizing that we are only successful if we gain the trust and buy-in of each and every employee.  With that comes individual accountability, as it is expected that all employees adhere to our safety standards and actively participate in and support the advancement of our health and safety practices through training and education.  Our fundamental philosophy for treating safety and a value and sincerely caring for others is the proactive approach that supports our mind-set of striving to be perfect; as zero accidents is not a goal but a standard that we set for each and every project each and every day.


Safety & Health Program

Through education and training, employees are afforded the opportunity to conduct their work activities in a safe and responsible manner.  We have instituted expansive training and education courses that are provided by Mosites management, local trade associations and specialized educational institutions.  We have implemented a corporate safety representative policy that provides union trade employees the opportunity to be a site specific safety representative.  These individuals must manage the contact safety and security.  This program provides employees with a feeling of authority as well as being a part of something. 

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